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Hunk with Mike Bridenstine

Mar 27, 2020

Nadeem Hamidy is an Instagram fitness celebrity and powerlifter from Barbell Brigade. Stanley Murkland is the head trainer at Barbell Brigade. And Alex Kanellis is head of sports performance at Weck Method. The after show is up at

Mar 20, 2020

Cameron Esposito is an acclaimed comedian with too many TV credits to list here. Just know they're impressive. And she wrote a memoir called "Save Yourself" that comes out TUESDAY.  

Mar 13, 2020

Rachel Bitecofer is a polling genius. She's gotten a lot of attention recently ("Real Time with Bill Maher", MSNBC) for her model that says the Democrats are a near lock on the White House in 2020, that they'll gain seats in the House and possibly take back the Senate. So Brido wanted to talk to her.

Mar 13, 2020

The aftershow is up at

James Austin Johnson ("Better Call Saul", "Adam Ruins Everything", "Hail, Caesar") is an actor, a comedian and impressionist. Dude is great. He and Brido discuss religion, politics, comedy and become friends during the show.

Mar 6, 2020

Everybody loves Emily Maya Mills. She's a comedian. She's an actress. She's a director. She’s been on Orange is the New Black, Key & Peele, Comedy Bang Bang, Parks and Rec. 

There's a story about Joe Pesci rollerblading in a cowboy hat that's one of the hardest Brido has laughed on this podcast.

Aftershow is...