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Hunk with Mike Bridenstine

Aug 28, 2020

Andrew Santino, Joe Kilgallon, CJ Toledano, and Liza Treyger are on the panel.

But WAIT! There are two panels!

The second has Mike Burns, Nate Craig, Mia Jackson, Jensen Karp, and Nina Tarr. 

The after shows (with video) are on

Aug 21, 2020

Pete Holmes, Sam Jay, Jake Kroeger, Andy Peters, and Steph Tolev are on the roundtable. 

Mark Geary, John Leadley, and Kate Mitchell from the Lincoln Lodge in Chicago (Brido's favorite show) are here for the interview.

Video is up at

Aug 14, 2020

Brian Babylon, Joel Kim Booster, Blaine Capatch, Jared Logan and Ryan Ridley are on this powerhouse roundtable. 

The video is up on

Aug 7, 2020

Thomas Middleditch, Yassir Lester, Atsuko Okatsuka, Brady Novak, and Steph Tolev are on the panel.

We get updates from organizer Ricci Sergienko. He just got permanently banned from Twitter. 

And we talk to Mandee Johnson and Joel Mandelkorn from Cleft Clips, Super Serious, and Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen. They have a...